Setting up a Mac to develop with Visual Studio

To preface I am a Computer Science student at Weber State University. I landed a job with LANDesk Software in West Jordan, Utah on the install Team. Currently they are using MSI, C#, WPF, WIX, and a few more I will learn over time.

My hardware :

Z800 2.2 ghz processor and 20 gig of ram with a #### nvidia graphics card

Dell 2.8 ghz dual core preview machine #####

24” LG W2442A

2x 20” Dell ####

My company gives a $2,500 hardware refresh every 3 years to their employee’s to purchase anything they will need during that time frame. I weighed the options for over three weeks trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to spend that precious quantity of money on. Since my Z800 was only 1 ½ years old it would be sufficient to host at least 5 VM’s more than plenty for my needs.

I talked to a couple of my co-workers and they suggested getting a MacBook Air and just use Remote Desktop to my Dev Box as a display. While this would work I saw no point in this. Simply for the fact that I bought a 1,200 screen sharer that would be tethered to my station. So I began to do a bit of research on the different laptops and it came down to the Asus UX31MacBook Pro and saw that they had 2.2ghz quad core cpu, with a nice graphics card that could play my video games when I got home. This struck me as the perfect idea. While I knew very little except that I would feel like a traitor for purchasing a MacBook Pro ( I’ll give more details on this in another post).

I learned a lot of things while searching for the perfect setup so here is what I found:

Option 1: Thunderbolt to 2 dvi’s (doesn’t exist yet)
Option 2:

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